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How It’s Going

Well it is one full week into the new year and this is the time when most of my resolutions are usually discarded. This year, however, seems different.

First, my resolution to be more kind. I sent three cards in the last ten days to people in my life. Hopefully this will brighten their day as it did mine in the sending. The little things for my husband and children are not yet an ingrained part of my routine but as we say, I am a work-in-progress. As the weeks go by and I make a concerted, purposeful effort, I trust being kind will be a daily occurrence.

Second, my “Simplify” mantra is holding true. I make a daily list of things I need to do and while not everything is checked off by the end of the day, the majority of them are. I am working to simplify my house in small but important ways. Each day I have a small area that is on my list to organize and though it is slow going, it does seem to be working. I am also being firm with the children about picking up their things so hopefully we can keep this up!

Finally, my daily Bible readings are still going strong. I purchased the One Year Bible Chronological edition. This Bible takes you through the entire text in 365 daily readings. Each day is approximately five pages and it is structured in chronological order. This structure seems to be helping me understand because you read in the order the events actually happened. I now look forward to the fifteen minutes of solitude I receive each day and feel I am truly able to read and digest God’s word.


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Often they involve personal goals such as lose weight, stop overspending or get a raise. Those have also been my resolutions in the past. This year, however, I am going to take a different approach; one that I hope will help me actually go through with my resolutions and in the end make me a happier and more fulfilled person.

First, I plan to simplify. By this I don’t mean get rid of the multitude of stuff that fills my house. I mean to take a more straightforward approach to life. Instead of spending hours and days in a chaotic frenzy of cleaning and organizing, I plan to take one area a day and get it in order. Whether it is the junk drawer, sock drawer, or jewelry drawer, I want to simplify what is in it to make it more useful and NEEDED in my life. Sure that may mean I clean some stuff out and get a tax deduction for Goodwill donations but more importantly, I have made a stride towards a simplified life.

Second, I plan to spend my time wisely. By this I mean QUALITY over quantity. The hour commute each morning and afternoon is normally spent in annoyance at the other drivers, the kids who made me late because they couldn’t find their shoes or schoolwork, or all of the work that is piled on my desk. Instead of “wasting” these two hours of my daily life I want to spend it listening or reading God’s word. Another blogger at The Homespun Heart inspired a great idea. Since my husband and I ride together most days, I am going to embark on a journey to read the bible in one year. I am sure God’s words will prepare me for each day much better than the mindless drive has thus far.

Lastly, I intend to be more kind. Random acts of kindness will become part of my daily routine. Whether it is making my husband’s lunch or opening doors for strangers, simple kindness done in a purposeful way benefits both the recipient and me. One of the ways I plan to accomplish this is by writing letters more often. I have always made and sent Christmas cards but other than that, cards are rare and letters almost non-existent. As a freelance writer, letters should be an obvious step but has somehow been overlooked. No longer because starting today, I plan to send at least one letter or card every week.

Will my resolutions lead me to be a super skinny, rich person? Probably not. Will my resolutions lead me to be a kinder, more satisfied person? I certainly hope so!

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