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2011 Resolutions

Though I do have the ones most people have like exercise more and spend less, those are being actively worked with my trusty treadmill and Dave Ramsey. One of my resolutions that failed miserably around April was to read the entire Bible. Well I have decided this will be the year I actually complete that resolution along with the following:

Get to my wedding day weight. To date I have lost 33lbs and have 40 more to go. I want to get there by my 15th wedding anniversary which is on June 28 so each day is going to have to be really managed.

A new resolution this year is to budget my grocery bill and plan/cook meals a month at a time. I have been couponing since February 2010 and following the Dave Ramsey debt snowball plan since August. Since starting those activities, my debt has reduced from 58k to 46k and the stockpile of groceries is tremendous. This year, however, I want to take it a step further and truly monitor closely what I am spending each month on groceries. The best way to ensure I only spend the $200.00 I have set as the budget for January is to consume some of the pantry and freezer items. Since my hubby is diabetic, he cannot eat pasta, rice and potatoes which does make it trickier because he must have more expensive grocery items such as fresh vegetables and meat. Even so, I am excited about the prospect of being creative in the kitchen so hopefully I can clean out the pantry and come in under budget!


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